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Product Name:
"UVINK" UV Curable ink for Konica 510 1024 25/42/14PL soft media as PVC banner

Product Model:


1. Print Material: backlits, frontlits, PU, PVC leather, PET FILM, PVC FILM, animal leather etc
2. Suitable for printing a variety of materials gifts, plane or curved surfaces; advertising produce, about 3-5 years outdoor durability.

UV-curable inks refers to under the UV light, using different wavelengths and energy UV lights to drying the ink and film forming ink. UV curing ink is an energy saving, environmental protection, no harmful substances discharged ink, which meet the development trend of social. UVINK’s UV curable ink is the company’s one of the most advantageous products. IT does not contain volatile solvents, odorless, ROHS compliant; after curing, it has high adhesion, scrub durable; print images’ color bright saturated, high-gloss, non-yellowing; long time outdoor durability, light levels as high as grade 7-8 .

UV LED curing ink,for Konica 510 1024 25/42/14PL print head.
Please check if the printer use LED light or mecury light. For different light, ink is different.
If you want print on hard media or middle soft media, please check UVINK's other model.

We use imported pigments. We grind and filter paste and ink by Nano-scale, to make sure fluent, no block heads.
High pigment content allows inks give good color saturation, printed image luster and bright.
Not include solvents, no toxic, less odor, more environmental, protect heads.
Good adhesion.
Longer outdoor life.

Please store the ink in dark place, and avoid sunlight on the ink.
Shipping and store temperature: 5-35℃, Printing temperature: 20-30℃, Printing humidity: 50%-60%.
Avoid ink into eyes, if spray in, please wash immediately, and direct go to hospital.
Only professional use the ink, use our unique clean flush, and don’t mix with alcohol.
Clean the surface of media before printing.
When machine finish working, wipe around print head and remove the accumulated ink.
Clean media surface before print.
Normally just print directly. (If for glass, mental, need use pre treat liquid before printing)

K,C,M,Y,White, LC, LM, Gloss
Clean liquid and pre-treat liquid (premier) available.

Package and preservation: 
Availabel package,normally is 1L. Stock the ink in cool place, print in 25~35C.
Expire time is 6-10 month.

"UVINK" UV Curable ink for Konica 510 1024 25/42/14PL soft media as PVC banner Executive Editor

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