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How about the situation of solvent ink market in year 2016-2017?

Latest history of advertisement ink. 1.In China in advertisement market, in the latest 30 years, ink types trend from: solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV ink, latex ink. 2.Solvent ink starts in Chinese market, and it will be end here. Almost all worlds solvent ink produced in Chinese market.... [more]

UVINK tech focused on real Environmentally safe advertisement solvent ink

One: The history of advertisement ink: from solvent ink to mils solvent ink, from eco solvent ink to U- real eco solvent ink. The advertisement ink I speak here is a kind of digital inkjet printing ink, which used on printing outdoor or indoor advertisement pictures, usually it use wide-format printers... [more]

Good product can speak

Why do so many new products fail? Usually for many reasons. We belive successful product can speak. How do best, how do successful? ... [more]