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The method of cleaning printing ink

Anyone who works in the printing industry knows that it's easy to get the ink on working, and it's very hard to wash. Today I'd like to share some tips of cleaning the printing ink.
Printing ink is usually composed of solvent, colorant, surfactant, PH regulator, drier and other essential additives. It is a chemical mixture of polymers, and it is difficult to wash when dropped in hands and clothes.
Printing ink

Cleaning hand ink method:

1. Gasoline + detergent
Pour palms on petrol and then squeeze detergent, and rub for 2 minutes, then wash. In the test, the ink reduce 80%, but still have ink shadow, can be repeated again, eliminate ink blot.
2. Alcohol + soap
Pour some alcohol on your hands, rub the soap for 3 minutes, then rinse it out. In the test, cut the ink more than half, and then gradually eliminate it several times.
3. Discharge makeup oil + detergent
Gently rub the oil in hand, rub for 2 minutes, then mix with the detergent for 2 minutes, rinse with water. In the test, ink gradually fade away.
4. Banana water + detergent powder
Rub together with banana water, add washing powder to wash and then rinse thoroughly. In the test, ink is already very weak, clean again, ink stain can fade gradually.
5. Apply ink stains with boiled rice soup, then wash with liquid soap, rinse with water, and repeat 2 -- 3 times, and then ink stains disappear.
6. Air oil essence + wipes
Rub the oil in the ink and rub it for 2 minutes, rub it with a wipes towel, wash the ink, and wash the ink over and over again.
U-eco solvent ink

Cleaning clothes ink method:

Ink different, the way to clean is different, so the first thing to distinguish the nature of the ink, water-based ink or oily ink.
Cleaning water-based ink method:
1. Wash ink directly with the detergent, then rinse the liquid with clean water and apply it to the ink stain for 5 minutes.
2. Soak the contaminated clothes in the carbon tetrachloride and rinse them with water. Use 10% of the aqueous ammonia solution or 10% of the baking soda solution and rinse it off with clean water.
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Cleaning Oil ink method:
1. Soak the clothes stained with ink by means of equal ethyl ether and turpentine oil, then wash them with gasoline after being soft;
2. Dissolve the alcohol (80% above the concentration) in the stain for 5 minutes while the clothes are dry.
3. Apply detergent liquid to the stain and completely cover the stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and add detergent to wash.
The amount of water should be just wet clothes, the color of colored clothes and the net amount of collar should be decreased according to the amount of water. If the color stain is not removed after overnight soaking, you can extend the soaking time.
U-mild solvent ink
Above are some tips about how cleaning printing ink, that are all very common in our daily life. So in this case, do not worry, the first step is to identify the nature of ink, then choose the appropriate way. And try not to get ink on your own when working, staff should pay attention to make preventive measures, such as wear gloves, so you can avoid the trouble with ink.