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ICC profile of UVINK brand U-mild solvent ink for Allwin konica 512i-30pl

Konica 512i-30pl printhead is developed based on konica 1024, its precision, speed, quality, production capacity superior to other brand printheads. And according to the related research, its market share will increase rapidly in the coming years. Now the most popular printer brand of konica 512i-30pl in China are Allwin, Yaselan, Liyu, Human etc. 
Features for Allwin konica 512i-30pl:
1.Secondary ink tank and printhead plate heating system,it fits for low temperature in winter;
2.Standard equipped intelligent infrared heating system to speed up picture drying;
3.Standard equipped Auto collecting system;
4. Three levels ink tank, printing more stable.
Characteristics for UVINK Brand U-Mild solvent ink for konica 512i-30pl:
1. Choose the apiculated imported raw material and advanced research and development technology;
2. Adopt environmental friendly solvents, not contain CYC, CAC, PMA, DMF etc VOC chemicals;
3. Use nanoscale pigments;
4. High performance to price ratio.
5. Less odor than Chinese market solvent ink 

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