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What Is Solvent Ink?

Simply But, solvent ink is a relatively inexpensive type of ink made to work in inkjet printers. In the world of ink the term solvent is used to mean any ink that is, in fact, not made with a water base. USES Solvent inks greatest application is in the printing of products that are to be used outdoors because of its ability to adhere to non-absorben... [more]

Canon showed six new UV flatbed printers in Shanghai

March 9, 2016 - Canon (China) Co., Ltd. by the Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition of the machine, announced six new UV flatbed printer,the Océ Arizona 1240 GT / 1260 GT / 1280 GT and Oversized Platform 1240 XT / 1260 XT / 1280 XT (hereinafter collectively referred to... [more]

HP issued 4kinds of Envy and officejet inkjet printer

HP today released four multi-functional integrated printer product, one each for residential and commercial markets, respectively is Envy, Envy, Envy of 5660, 5640 and 7640 Officejet 5740. HP said that in order to meet different customer demand and... [more]

How about the situation of solvent ink market in year 2016-2017?

Latest history of advertisement ink. 1.In China in advertisement market, in the latest 30 years, ink types trend from: solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV ink, latex ink. 2.Solvent ink starts in Chinese market, and it will be end here. Almost all worlds solvent ink produced in Chinese market.... [more]

UVINK tech focused on real Environmentally safe advertisement solvent ink

One: The history of advertisement ink: from solvent ink to mils solvent ink, from eco solvent ink to U- real eco solvent ink. The advertisement ink I speak here is a kind of digital inkjet printing ink, which used on printing outdoor or indoor advertisement pictures, usually it use wide-format printers... [more]