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The method of cleaning printing ink

Anyone who works in the printing industry knows that it's easy to get the ink on working, and it's very hard to wash. Today I'd like to share some tips of cleaning the printing ink... [more]

My dream is half done!

Recently, Kyna traveled to Mexico, where senior local media have an interview with her. By that, we realized that Kyna have a very strong impression of ink printing.... [more]

Mexican travelogue - Umall Ink Int’l, a new starting point around the world

This May, I went to Mexico on business with Chery because of the company's business expansion. From one side to the other side of the earth, apart from the differences in climate, customs and habits, we also feel the new trend of the world being gradually integrated and the science and technology changing rapidly.... [more]


Umall Ink International Co. is a group company; It's brands include:"UVINK", "Unigreen","Livecolor". Our "Unigreen" eco solvent ink and mild solvent ink for Industrial print heads products did not sell under the name of any other brands and other company.... [more]

The construction of Umall Ink Int’l

Umall ink international Co. (Umall Ink In’l) is a professional research and produce company for digital inkjet printing ink. We mainly research, produce and sell environmental solvent inks, UV curable inks, and textile inks. There are 3 brands belong to our company.... [more]

The Environmental storms

Why it is so hard for the widely use of environmental products? Previously, everybody said that it’s a tendency when speaks of environmental protection, but there are seldom printing companies willing to use environmental material in reality. ... [more]